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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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10 December 2017

Sunday Style!

Who's the kid with the million dollar smile? His name is Mehki (proununced meh-KYE), and he took my order yesterday at Dutch Brothers Coffee. I liked his hair so much, I asked him for a picture. The great smile was an added bonus 😃

09 December 2017


Not the best picture I've taken in Cheyenne Canon, but even a bad picture taken there is a good picture. It's just a pretty place!

08 December 2017

Skywatch Friday

One of our lovely Carnegie libraries. This one is located in Old Colorado City and you can read more about it in THIS post.

For more Skywatch Friday photos from bloggers all over the globe, click HERE. Have a great weekend!

07 December 2017

Not as red

Not all of the famous rock formations in the Garden of the Gods are red. This one's whitish tan at the bottom, and red at the top, but not as red as the others. I can't remember what this formation is called, but I can tell you that it's on the southeast side of the park, visible from 30th Street.

06 December 2017

Repeat performance?

I saw this '57 Chevy in traffic the other day and grabbed a shot while we were stopped at a light. It sure looks a lot like THIS car, and I think they may be one and the same. But it doesn't matter if I've photographed it before, because whenever I see an old car I have to take a picture! What a beaut!

[ December 7, 2017 edit: One of my eagle-eyed readers correctly pointed out on the CSDP Facebook page that this is a '55, not a '57. I stand corrected! ]

05 December 2017

Another cute house

We were in Ivywild the other day running an errand, and I thought this house was so cute I took a picture of it. I like the color scheme. And did you notice the sprinkler? Sprinkling the lawn in December! It's been so warm and dry this winter that people are watering. I'm ready for a real snowstorm.

04 December 2017


The Plaza of the Rockies was looking especially important the other day, so I took a picture of it. Sometimes I think our downtown doesn't look very "urban" thanks to our lack of very tall buildings, but we have our moments.